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Russian Doll

Ken Eisner

Like the famous nesting doll of the title, stories within stories mark this ingenious series, built around its main creator, Natasha Lyonne, who plays a delightfully noxious New Yorker who -- how shall we put this? -- dies every day, only to find herself back in the bathroom at her own 36th birthday party. The show manages to combine existential horror with a Nora Ephron touch, getting slightly bogged down in answering its own questions before hitting an uplifting finish.

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1 Season


Russian Doll follows a young woman named Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), who on her 36th birthday gets caught in a mysterious loop. She attends the same birthday party in New York City. She dies at the end of the night. She wakes up the following morning unharmed. Repeat.


Natasha LyonneAmy PoehlerLeslye Headland
Natasha LyonneGreta LeeYul VazquezElizabeth AshleyCharlie Barnett
Comedy, Drama
Feb 1 2019


As the series proceeds, it gets more ambitious and more complicated in a way that's gratifying to watch. It's still anchored, though, by its sense of place and time, and by the infinite possibilities that a night walking around New York City presents.