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The Pinkertons

Father-and-son detectives partner with a female forensics expert and undercover operative to solve robberies, abductions and murders in the Wild West.

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The real Pinkerton National Detective Agency is the basis for this crime drama series that follows the agency's founder, Allan, as he solves crimes in the 1860s with help from his son, William, as well as Kate Warne, America's first female operative to pursue criminals in the Wild West of that era. Episodes of The Pinkertons draw on actual cases that the company -- which became known for developing the use of surveillance, undercover work and mugshots -- investigated.

Douglas MitchellGary YatesDon McCutcheonJeff BeesleyPaul FoxNorma BaileyMichael DeCarlo
Jacob BlairMartha MacIsaacDavid BrownDean FujiokaAngus MacfadyenRay StrachanJennifer PudavickJohn C. MacDonaldChris SigurdsonSeira KagamiKristen HarrisRick SkeneRon VerwymerenTristan CarlucciPaul TitleyJoyce KrenzArden AlfonsoPaul AndrichMike BellGraham AshmoreErik AthavaleTrisha BlairAndrea del CampoEric BlaisJames DurhamDarcy FehrMatthew FletcherTony HartAdam HurtigJesse LaingArne MacPhersonCarson NattrassBrent NealeTom SoaresKevin AndersonAli TatarynSteve WellerCory WojcikJulia ArkosStefanie AustinDylann BobeiSheila CampbellCory ChetyrbokLauren CochraneGwendolyn Collins
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