Season 1
The Vietnam War
Jun 20
Season 1

The Vietnam War

Ken Burns presents an epic 10-part, 18-hour chronicle of the Vietnam War, featuring the soldiers, protesters, politicians and families that lived it.

No, the message of The Vietnam War, as it rolls though staggering violence, infuriating governmental deception, and heartbreaking revelation from the survivors, is that, in the fullness of time, division was an illusion. All the losses were ours.


After surviving a bomb attack, two low-level mobsters in Jerusalem change their ways and set about making strangers' Wailing Wall prayers come true.

Beyond their obvious talent as a writing team, Amir and Savyon have terrific chemistry [...] notably letting Cohen and Igal Naor riff most enjoyably as a villainous buddy act echoing our stars’ sympathetic one.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

When a deal with the devil comes due, the immortal Doctor Parnassus must renegotiate the pact to save his daughter and right the wrongs of his past

Shot through with a bold, extravagant generosity of spirit, this journey behind the literal and figurative looking glass marks a gratifying return to form for Gilliam, whose recent films haven't quite lived up to his capacities.