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The Lobster

Adam Cook

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos -- currently enjoying attention this award season for The Favourite -- has made a name for himself for his highly unusual movies that verge on the surreal with a lethally dark humour. The Lobster is the funniest of the bunch led by a deadpan Colin Farrell and supported by a remarkable cast, but don’t be surprised when things get serious. Lanthimos has a Kubrickian sense of mood and style and can play the audience like a piano, holding you in suspense and awe in the most unexpected ways.

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Colin Farrell stars as David, a man who has just been dumped by his wife. To make matters worse, David lives in a society where single people have 45 days to find true love, or else they are turned into the animal of their choice and released into the woods. David is kept at the mysterious hotel while he searches for a new partner, and after several romantic misadventures decides to make a daring escape to abandon this world. He ultimately joins up with a rebel faction known as The Loners, a group founded on a complete rejection of romance. But once there David meets an enigmatic stranger (Rachel Weisz) who stirs up unexpected and strong feelings within him... 


Yorgos Lanthimos
Colin FarrellJohn C. ReillyBen WhishawJacqueline AbrahamsRoger Ashton-GriffithsJessica BardenOlivia ColmanAnthony DougallSean DugganRoland FerrandiJames FinneganRobert HeaneyRosanna HoultAshley JensenKathy KellyAriane LabedEwen MacintoshLéa SeydouxMichael SmileyRachel WeiszAnthony MoriartyImelda Nagle Ryan
Dark Comedy
Ireland, UK, Greece
English, French
Dec 2 2018


Highly original and mordantly funny. Perfect for fans of Franz Kafka, Charlie Kaufman and other bleak surrealists.


Jury Prize
Cannes Film Festival