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Llyn Foulkes One Man Band

This engaging documentary follows painter and one-man-band Llyn Foulkes for seven years, chronicling his creative process as he turn ideas into art.

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During the seven years chronicled in the film, artist and musician Llyn Foulkes creates, destroys, and recreates a pair of large-scale, three-dimensional paintings, one that costs him his marriage, while trying to keep afloat in the fickle art market. With interviews from veterans of the 1960s Los Angeles art scene such as Dennis Hopper and George Herms, the film reconstructs Foulkes's uncompromising, up-and-down career as he was kicked out of the legendary Ferus Gallery and walked away from a successful career as an L.A. pop artist. Structured like one of Foulkes's constantly reworked paintings, the film tracks his artistic struggles, ending as he is at last rediscovered by the international art world at age 77. With music written and performed by Foulkes on a massive, fanciful, self-invented musical instrument he calls "The Machine," Llyn Foulkes One Man Band is an intimate portrait of an artist battling his own demons as well as the perceived demons of the art world.


Tamar HalpernChris Quilty
Llyn FoulkesDennis HopperJohnny CarsonPaul SchimmelMat GleasonGeorge Herms
Nov 10 2016


An illuminating portrait of the artist as a hermetic, self-doubting, obsessive-compulsive perfectionist.