Adam Cook

MyFLIX Curator

Adam Cook is a film critic and programmer from Vancouver currently based in Toronto. He works as a Programming Associate at the Toronto International Film Festival, as Programming Consultant for Hot Docs, and is the curator of Future//Present, a program at the Vancouver International Film Festival highlighting emerging Canadian independent filmmakers. Adam is a former Editor and Director of Programming for MUBI. He has written for The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, VICE, Film Comment, Sight & Sound, Cinema Scope, Fandor, Little White Lies, Filmmaker Magazine, Cineaste, and Brooklyn Magazine among other outlets. He eats meat, takes naps, roots passionately for the San Antonio Spurs and by existential obligation for the Vancouver Canucks, and privately prefers music to cinema.


High Flying Bird

When an NBA lockout sidelines his big rookie client, an agent hatches a bold plan to save their careers -- and disrupt the league's power structure.

Mysterious Skin

A teenage hustler and a young man obsessed with alien abductions cross paths, together discovering a horrible, liberating truth.


When an earthquake hits a Korean village housing a run-down nuclear power plant, a man risks his life to save the country from imminent disaster.

All These Sleepless Nights

Art school classmates Kris and Michal roam the streets of Warsaw on a beat-fueled quest for self-discovery and beautiful decadence.

Blind Detective

When a cop loses his vision, his detecting skills stay sharp. Luckily, a rookie officer recognizes his extraordinary powers of deduction.

The Sunchaser

A successful surgeon is kidnapped by a dying patient for a road trip that becomes a Navajo-influenced spiritual quest for both men

Happy as Lazzaro

Purehearted teen Lazzaro is content living as a sharecropper in rural Italy, but an unlikely friendship with the marquise's son will change his world.


In a film based on true events, an awkward but ambitious TV reporter struggles to adapt when she's ordered to focus on violent and salacious stories.

Into the Forest

In the near future, two frightened sisters fight for survival after losing their father during a deadly, quietly looming apocalypse.