“I'm giving serious thought into eating your wife” - Hannibal Lecter
― Thomas Harris
Thriller Feature

The Village

When a young man tries to venture beyond his sequestered hamlet, his actions set off a chain of chilling incidents that alter the community forever.

Adam Cook

A dark fable and a touching romance, M. Night Shyamlan’s misunderstood masterpiece The Village is a deceptive meditation on communal fear, societal manipulation and existential discovery that boldly flips the script on the genius storyteller’s previous hits centered on faith and the supernatural.

Thriller Collection

White Collar

Strikingly ambiguous and overwhelmingly repellent, the characters that populate these terse tales of upper class crime engage our most primal of moral impulses.
Thriller Collection

Remaking History

What happens when the genre that has come to embody truth, the documentary, breaks down and exposes lives spent searching for epistemic certainty?
Thriller Collection

Suburban Ennui

Set in twisted versions of a Spielbergian utopia, these compelling and complex portraits of suburban adolescence consider the flip side to that most idealized of settings.
Thriller Collection

Genre Art

Some of the most adventurous and groundbreaking auteurs are entertainers first and foremost. These are artists who happen to be working in a populist mode.