“It's the genre that never dies.”
George A. Romero, American-Canadian filmmaker and editor
Horror Feature

The Eyes of My Mother

At the remote farmhouse where she once witnessed a traumatic childhood event, a young woman develops a grisly fascination with violence.

Shawn Conner

Mounting dread is almost a genre in itself. Nicolas Pesce’s 2016 black-and-white horror film The Eyes of My Mother is such a master-class in building suspense that you hardly notice the mere wisp of a story that grounds it. Never mind: Pesce creates a mood-piece, nightmarish in time and place, that is impossible to look away from.

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These might not be getting 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, but at least some horror movie critics agree that there’s something - maybe a performance, a scene or the climax - that makes it worth watching.