“It's the genre that never dies.”
George A. Romero, American-Canadian filmmaker and editor

The Best of Horror

Our selection of the scary best on Netflix


A murderous shapeshifter sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves.

Shawn Conner

One of the charms of this 2018 low-budget thriller is watching several actors play the shape-shifter of the title as he moves through different bodies. These performances, along with practical effects, make this effort by Canadian genre vet Justin McConnell rewarding for fans of body (and existential) horror films. It’s also a lean, fast-paced flick, with more than a few nods towards Canadian horror maestro David Cronenberg and an ending you probably won’t see coming.


A Dark Song

Grieving the death of her son, a woman hires an occult expert to lead her through a psychologically gruelling ritual to contact her child's spirit.

Shawn Conner

Planning an occult ritual? It will take more than a trip to Home Depot and a candle store, though that’s a start. In this Irish film, a woman explores the dark arts in an attempt to end her grief over her dead son. A misfire at the end could have destroyed the good (bad) will built up in A Dark Song’s grim trajectory, but the climax is a stunner.