Practically every fella that breaks the law has a danged good reason, to his own way of thinking, which makes every case exceptional, not just one or two. Take you, for example.
― Jim Thompson, Pop. 1280
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We Own the Night

In 1980s Brooklyn, two brothers struggle to keep each other safe even though one is a cop and the other manages a nightclub for Russian gangsters.

Adam Cook

Made in a classical, moody style, James Gray’s cop drama is an operatic tale of brothers on either side of the law showing how the tragically binding power of family can control our fate. Joaquin Phoenix leads a brilliant cast with one of his best performances.

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Historical Crime

If we know anything about history, these crimes were probably even more brutal in real life. These accounts still bring those eras into vivid focus.
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Crime around the World

You can tell a lot about a country by the kinks in its justice system.