Practically every fella that breaks the law has a danged good reason, to his own way of thinking, which makes every case exceptional, not just one or two. Take you, for example.
― Jim Thompson, Pop. 1280
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Blind Detective

When a cop loses his vision, his detecting skills stay sharp. Luckily, a rookie officer recognizes his extraordinary powers of deduction.

Adam Cook

Recognized internationally as a master of action cinema, Johnnie To is also known for his hit romantic comedies in Hong Kong. With this oddball delight, he finds a happy medium between the two genres. Superstars Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng ham it up as unlikely police partners -- and lovers -- as they crack a case with the most unusual methods. Suspense and laughter go hand in hand effortlessly under To’s direction.

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Historical Crime

If we know anything about history, these crimes were probably even more brutal in real life. These accounts still bring those eras into vivid focus.
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Crime around the World

You can tell a lot about a country by the kinks in its justice system.