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Bullet to the Head

A young D.C. cop and an experienced New Orleans hit man team up to track down the person responsible for slaying their respective partners.

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On its own degenerate terms, the movie works.

When veteran hit man Jimmy Bobo and his partner, Louis, kill a corrupt ex-cop, Louis in turn loses his life to an ex-mercenary named Keegan. Detective Taylor Kwon senses a connection between the two killings and seeks out Bobo, who subsequently saves Kwon from an assassination attempt. The pair join forces against a common enemy: a ruthless real-estate developer named Robert Nkomo Morel.

Walter Hill
Sylvester StalloneSung KangSarah ShahiAdewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeJason MomoaChristian SlaterJon SedaHolt McCallanyBrian Van HoltWeronika RosatiDominique DuVernayDon Thai Theerathada
Action, Crime, Thriller
Switzerland, USA
Oct 16 2017
On its own degenerate terms, the movie works.