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Opposites Attract

Some just have different quirks. Others different incomes. Is love enough to bridge the divide?
Drama Feature

We the Animals

A trio of brothers cope with their parents' volatile relationship by running wild and unchecked, and one of them experiences a visceral awakening.

Ken Eisner

Moonlight meets Malick in this tale of a small boy who finds himself -- in both senses -- inside an at-risk family. He’s one of three brothers stranded in upstate New York, with parents not up to the task. Veteran doc-maker Jeremiah Zagar’s feature debut relies on dream-like moods and impressive child actors to provide depth. The characters remain opaque, with the sole female figure exerting little influence, but there’s intriguing use of animation and electronic music.

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Drama Collection


Tarkovsky, one of the most influential and celebrated filmmakers of the 20th century, made films filled with long, dream-like takes, lack of conventional dramatic structure, poetic imagery. He said that children understood his films better than adults.