A murderous shapeshifter sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves.

Shawn Conner

One of the charms of this 2018 low-budget thriller is watching several actors play the shape-shifter of the title as he moves through different bodies. These performances, along with practical effects, make this effort by Canadian genre vet Justin McConnell rewarding for fans of body (and existential) horror films. It’s also a lean, fast-paced flick, with more than a few nods towards Canadian horror maestro David Cronenberg and an ending you probably won’t see coming.


Romance Collection

Opposites Attract

Some just have different quirks. Others different incomes. Is love enough to bridge the divide?
Drama Feature

We the Animals

A trio of brothers cope with their parents' volatile relationship by running wild and unchecked, and one of them experiences a visceral awakening.

Ken Eisner

Moonlight meets Malick in this tale of a small boy who finds himself -- in both senses -- inside an at-risk family. He’s one of three brothers stranded in upstate New York, with parents not up to the task. Veteran doc-maker Jeremiah Zagar’s feature debut relies on dream-like moods and impressive child actors to provide depth. The characters remain opaque, with the sole female figure exerting little influence, but there’s intriguing use of animation and electronic music.

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