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After helping thwart a terrorist attack, a war veteran is assigned to protect a politician who was a major proponent of the conflict he fought in.

Ken Eisner

A TV producer and novelist with military and medical backgrounds, Joe Mercurio created this slick series, already the most popular BBC production of modern times. Its depiction of Afghan war veteran-turned security specialist David Budd -- played in a star-making turn by Game of Thrones alumnus Richard Madden -- appeals to a post-Brexit audience suspicious of authority figures. When Budd is assigned to protect an ambitious Home Secretary (Keeley Hawes, also in Mercuria’s Line of Duty), he’s equally alarmed by her right-wing agenda and her romantic interest in him. There are many shocking twists in this Bourne-like six-parter. But the biggest surprise is how sluggish the final hour turns out to be. Still, it sets up a sequel sure to be just as addictive.

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